Re: Joining & Removing From List (bounced2)

From: Douglas Mitchell (
Date: Fri Jan 23 1998 - 16:23:59 EET

On Jan 23, 2:49pm, Yakov Horenstein wrote:
> Subject: Re: Joining & Removing From List (bounced2)
> At 1:26 PM +0200 23/1/98, Seppo J Niemi wrote:
> > > Yakov Horenstein writes:
> > > >If I were administrator of this list I would also put the
> > > > list's address in the reply to: field, and not the sender's.
> >
> >No, we won't even think about it ;-)
> >If the Reply-To -header pointed to the list itself, it would very soon
> >blow our mailboxes to our faces.
> Are you saying there is no solution to this problem? How do other mailing
> lists cope? This is the only one I subscribe to where the reply is sent to
> the poster and not to the list. I think this is an unfortunate mis-use (or
> under-use) of the medium or, put another way, we are not exploiting its
> full potential. Dorjano's experiment made that point very clearly. It seems
> like the only plausible reason for not putting the list address in the
> reply to: field is for your own convenience, but maybe I'm wrong.
> ------------------------
> Yakov Horenstein
> Milano, Italy
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On my e-mail, the choice is to Reply or ReplyAll. If I want my
reply to go only to the sender, I use Reply. If I want it to
go to the list as well as the sender, I use ReplyAll.

One of the lists that I am on adds a Postscript with information
on unsubscribing, another list has it in the header.


Doug Mitchell
Ford Motor Company

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