Re: AutoCad STL Files

From: Phil Orenstein (
Date: Sat Jan 24 1998 - 09:58:44 EET

Let me share with you a couple of hints. I have been using STL files
from Autocad solid models for running parts on an FDM 1650 and I've
rarely had a problem. First of all I always use solid models rather than
surface models for STL generation because a solid is 'watertight'. I can
always be sure this way. You can play with the facet resolution of solid
with an Autocad command called 'facetres'. The default is .5, but if you
raise it, you you will get a much finer detail model and smoother
surfaces (but with a cost of more processing time). Also, always make
sure that the solid model is in the positive x,y,z octant. Hope this

                        Phil Orenstein

PROTO (Delusky) wrote:
> Can anyone advise me on problems/ solutions with AutoCad STL file
> generation. We are running SLS parts - same build - parts from AutoCad
> STL files are freyed and have missing layers -other parts from CATIA
> STL files in the same build are fine. Reply please to

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