Maestro on IRIX 6.2 vs. 5.3

From: Steve Stewart (
Date: Mon Jan 26 1998 - 23:54:21 EET

Hello, all -

Last week I posted a question about two SGI Indigo 2's, a 250 MHz running
IRIX 6.2 and a 150 MHz running IRIX 5.3. Maestro 1.8 on both, 128 MB RAM
266 MB swap in both. The 250 MHz machine was/is running 40% - 50% slower
than the 150 MHz. I called my SGI support line and they said that most
software written for 5.3 needs to be re-compiled for 6.2 or it will run in
some kind of "emulation mode", and _will_ be lots slower. By lots slower,
I mean it took 42 hours to slice a 17 MB file on the IRIX 6.2 machine, only
25 on the 5.3! We are slicing a 7.5 MB file today, taking 5 hours. I know
it doesn't usually matter, but we actually had to have the SLA machine just
sit, waiting for the slicing! I talked to a source inside 3D who said that
"someone down the hall" had seen the exact same problem (6.2 vs. 5.3),
running Maestro 1.9.1.

6.2 has been out for more than a year. If this is the cause of a major
productivity decline, I wonder why I haven't heard about it on the list
from the rest of you? Maybe I'm the only one to sort of see it side by
side on two different machines?

Anyway, if you have seen the same thing, please let me know so I can have a
bigger hammer to hit 3D with. Also, if you haven't seen any performance
difference, please let me know so I can chase other possibilities.


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