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From: Robert B. Zajeski (
Date: Tue Jan 27 1998 - 15:46:31 EET

Let me rephrase.......automatically generate a bevel gear by inputing
pitch, pressure angle # or teeth and pitch diameter.?????


At 11:00 AM 1/27/98 +0100, Fundacio ASCAMM - Dept. Enginyeria wrote:
>At 09.55 27/1/98 +0100, you wrote
>>>Does anybody know of any programs that will generate a 3D bevel
>>>gear? Could be 3D wireframe.....or any solid modeler? Thanks in
>>>Bob Zajeski
>>There is a looooot of possibilities. You could try with Pro/E or I/DEAS or
>>or you can use so called midrange modelers like Solid Edge or Solid Works.
>>All depends on what is your target - just a "simple" bevel gear or a whole
>>I'm using Solid Edge and it's working quit good for a 5000$.
>I'm absolutely agree with (specially talking about SE) you and there are
>some CAM programs that are able to generate gear geometry models and CNC
>programs to machine them automatically.
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