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From: Hannu Kaikonen (haka@ltk.hut.fi)
Date: Fri Jan 30 1998 - 12:27:56 EET

Dear RP-world

As you propably have noticed, the list has grown a lot during the past
years. Only 1997 we all received about 3100 messages through rp-ml. As it
happens, we exceeded the limit of 1000 subscribers some time ago. The
'lucky' limit breaker was Vicki Billings from Helisys Corp. Congrats &
thanks to Vicki. She will be rewarded.

A Very Special thanks for the past years goes to both Andre Dolenc and
Yakov Horenstein. Two significant gentlemen who we all owe thanks for the
existence of rp-ml. And of course we must not forget Seppo J. Niemi (aka.
zaphod) who has spent numerous of sleeples hours solving problems yours
truly and 1000 members have come up with. Thank you.

We had a set of meetings where we tried to find some nice way to remember
our subscribers. Unfortunately we cannot remember each individual
subscriber, but instead we decided to remember some of the most active
members with a small gift. The following persons have been found guilty
for the overwhelming traffic at rp-ml (in no particular order):

Elaine Hunt
Terry Wohlers
Yakov Horenstein
Andre Dolenc
Marshall Burns
Karl R. Denton
Steve Deak
Albin A. Hastbacka
Michael Rees
Guy Allen Brady

If you recognize yourself from the list above, please send me your contact
information (name & postal address) so that we can send your 'gift' to

And of course a Very Warm Thanks to you all for being there.

Yours truly

Hannu Kaikonen (aka. Rapid Dude)
"owner rp-ml"
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