Electroplating SLA parts

From: Dockstader, Lee (DOCKSTADER@3dsystems.com)
Date: Sun Feb 01 1998 - 22:10:00 EET

Greetings from Hong Kong,
I work for 3D Systems and have a client who wishes to electroplate SLA
parts. I've gotten feedback that standard electroplating didn't work
well in the past because the previous generation resins did not perform
well in aqueous solutions at 50C.
I've also received feedback from Ciba that copper and nickel electroless
plating works well with resins as does vacuum metalizing.
Does anyone have any comments or suggestions on how best to plate SLA
parts? We are also looking for sources if need be.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Lee Dockstader
Managing Director, Asia Pacific Operations
3D Systems
Hong Kong
+852 2592-9202wk
+852 2592-8736

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