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From: Robert Thompson (
Date: Tue Feb 03 1998 - 04:24:43 EET

Dear Alair,

I am interested to see your new web site regarding your medical package.
Two questions come to mind though:

1) Your references "Say No To Point Cloud" - what relevance does this have
to medical RP? We have worked in converting medical scans to medical
biomodels for over six years, and have never at any stage needed point cloud
data. It does not seem to have much relevance to medical scan slices or RP
contours or even medical CAD. Could you clarify this for me?

2) Your software produces "fault-free STL data files" from medical scans. We
stopped using using STL files some five years ago as the file sizes where
way too large at the image voxel resolution to be practical. Therefore, a
decrease in STL resolution was necessary to produce files that did not take
a day to load, slice and support. This is risky and sub-optimal an as such
STL files are not missed!

Anatomics uses a patent pending process that produces optimised RP contour
files from the image voxel data, retaining (and often interpolating further)
the original image resolution at all times. How does your software cope with
the normally huge medical STL files, and what does your "file-size reduction
including local surface smoothing" do to resolution??

Robert Thompson
Biomodelling Engineer

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Date: Friday, January 30, 1998 12:35 PM
Subject: Web Page

>For those of you interested in reverse engineering and medical
>reconstructions, we have finished our web page (for now). For those
>interested in STL files created from scan data without involving point
>cloud issues there are pictures of actual prototyped parts. Check out
>reconstructions from CT and MR data using our Velocity2 software package
>Graphic images and renderings (with the exception of the Say No to Point
>Cloud) were produced from Velocity2 models.
>Let me know what you think.
>Alair Griffin
> "Say No to Point Cloud!"

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