SLA Problem

From: Elaine T. Hunt (
Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 15:22:17 EET

> "Mnr. D de Beer" wrote
>We are experiencing some problems on our SLA 250:
>When building 12 parts (small parts) on the pallet, the machine just
>stops at a certain layer. This happened several times now and we do
>not know if it is caused by a shortage in memory.

I agree that you may be using too many parts during merge and prep so

if one part always stops the build try building it alone
but also...
verify each part
read message file
reduce the number of parts per build

if the part still fails....and I have seen this before. that one part may have
a small undetectable hole in the solid model. The verify software does not
always pick up such small holes. Usually this is seen when the same STL
data is used
to drive a milling machine.


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