Problems with Autodesk products

Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 16:53:28 EET

I hope someone can help.

As it turns out, many of our client are using AutoCAD R12 through R14 and/or Mechanical Desktop. We have known for some time that these products do not produce the best IGES or STL files.

This holds true no matter if the data is surface, solid or otherwise.

My question; Is there a way within these products or through some third party software to produce good STL files form ACAD NURBS surfaces, ACAD Designer Solids or PMESH 3D models?

I know many people may say "its a simple command called STLOUT", but this simply makes garbage that most RP slice software do not like, and the IGES files are not much better.

It seems that no one wants to believe that these products are not reliable front ends to produce data that can be used in RP (Desktop or Conventional).

So while we wait to talk to the next ACAD bigot about how PMESH is not a solid volume, can some one help us figure out how to salvage the massive amount of time spent by our clients producing useless data.

Thanks in advance.

"Out with the old in with the New!!!" Technology that is!

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