Re: Maksimum parts on SLA 250 platform

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Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 16:21:10 EET

Hello to all,

The problem you are seeing may be a memory over-load, not necessarily
memory shortage. We had this problem building 15 LARGE panels in our SLA
250/30H. Here's what we did to overcome the overload as well as by pass
the limit of 11 files as the maximum allowed.

In the DOS mode of the 3d Systems program (under the 3D SYSTEMS
DIRECTORY) enter the command "SLIMERGE"
it will then ask you to enter the files you wish to be merged.
You are only limited to your computer capabilities as to the number of
files to merge!!
It will then ask for an output name.
EXAMPLE: I have 15 parts I can squeeze in the vat. With supports that's
30 files!
Supports are generally smaller files so I will merge all support files
into 3 SLI MERGE files. then group the actual part stl files into 3 files
per SLI merge file making 4 SLI merge files for a total of 7 files to be
merged under the " normal " merge method.

It helps to keep a very strict record of what part files are under what
SLI MERGE name as you will be asked to merge the SLI merge files together
to create the build file.
Just as a warning, this eats up ALOT of disk space, so be prepared to
loose some old stuff!! But if you can maximize every build, it's worth
it. If there are any questions or problems getting through it I'd be
happy to help.

Best Regards,

Jody Hudrick

Mnr. M Moolman wrote:

> SLA users,
> We are running an SLA 250 for the past 4 months and are very pleased
> with its preformance.
> One hitch we are getting is that as soon as we try building a
> platform with more than 10 or 11 parts on it, the system hangs on the
> first part layer. Usually when building about the 11th part.
> Is it possibly a memory shortage on our pc or is there a limit to the
> amount of parts per platform.
> For more information about the rp-ml, see

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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