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Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 15:02:31 EET

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> Subject: Problems with Autodesk products
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I hope someone can help.
> As it turns out, many of our client are using AutoCAD R12 through R14 and/or
Mechanical Desktop. We have known for some time that these products do not
produce the best IGES or STL files.

The problem lies not with Autodesk but with the ACIS geometry engine. We
developed one of the first interfaces from ACIS .sat (acis neutral file) to
.stl. We went thru a lot of heartache with features being left off and holes
being deleted. We were using native ACIS not Autodesk products. We have since
abandoned all development with Spatial Technology and ACIS. Perhaps these kind
of shortcomings are why Solid Edge has abandoned ACIS for Parasolids for their
next release!

Rod Ward
Rapid Prototyping Corp.
Longmont, Co.

Rod Ward

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