Re: Problems with Autodesk products

From: Kevin Robertson (
Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 20:04:48 EET

>My question; Is there a way within these products or through some third
party software to produce good STL files form ACAD NURBS surfaces, ACAD
Designer Solids or PMESH 3D models?

The fact that your IGES out is not much better than STL is of concern. If
your IGES out is good you can use a second tier software like Brockware to
convert the IGES to STL. Brokware is a better conversion software than the
one in AutoCad, IMHO.

If your IGES is bad, you could be outputting an unsupported entity for your
application. Try different selections to see which works best. If none of
the entity options correct the problem, it may be a problem with the way the
design was constructed in AutoCad.

Any questions, just drop me a note.


Kevin Robertson
ARRK, San Diego, CA

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