RE: Maksimum parts on SLA 250 platform

From: Pierce, Steven E (
Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 00:26:26 EET

                If you are useing the 3D Systems Maestro software to
build with, the limit on
the number of files loaded to the spead sheet is limited to 10 files(?)
so with support files the total is 20 files. This can be reduced to 2
files one part file and one support file by loading all files to the
spead sheet and useing the combine function to create one part file with
10 (or as many as the build envelope will permit) and the same with the
support files.The only problem is that the view program will only let
you view so many parts, so when you have combined thirty part files
with the support files and go into the view software to take a look at
the 30 part / 30 support files dont be surprised to see some black areas
that should have part/support definition.
Even though these files are black they will still build fine, bottom
LINE software glitch, 3D Systems tech support has no answers other areas
of concern on this problem have been discussed i.e. slice files,disc
space, etc.etc.

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> Subject: Maksimum parts on SLA 250 platform
> SLA users,
> We are running an SLA 250 for the past 4 months and are very pleased
> with its preformance.
> One hitch we are getting is that as soon as we try building a
> platform with more than 10 or 11 parts on it, the system hangs on the
> first part layer. Usually when building about the 11th part.
> Is it possibly a memory shortage on our pc or is there a limit to the
> amount of parts per platform.
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