SL5170 Resin for Sale

From: Bruce E. LeMaster (
Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 17:32:36 EET

Hello everyone,

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you at the
NASUG meeting in a few weeks.

In the mean time however, we have one vat of
SL5170 resin for sale. The resin is clean and was
in use until this morning when we changed over to
a different resin. The SL5170 is in 4kg
containers and is available as a single lot or by
individual container. If you buy the entire lot
we will pay for shipping to your location. We are
asking $300 per container ($2400 for the lot)

Please contact me if you are interested.


Bruce E. LeMaster

Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation
265 Cambridge Street, Suite 100
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405
(540) 371-1100 / (540) 371-4100 fax
Web Page URL:

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