Re: Autodesk / IGES problems

From: Bill Seil (
Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 18:54:13 EET

I haven't been keeping up with AutoDesk products but:
I think the problem you are having with "Good" IGES files is:
        the creator
        the complexity of the geometry
        not using true SOLIDS

I was under the impression that AutoCAD creates wireframe based geometry
(like chicken wire). It is not a TRUE SOLID geometry representation,
they say its a solid but....

I've also heard that Mechanical Desktop latsest version works in solids.
I would create it in Mechanical Desktop, Pro-E, SolidWorks, or other
solids based programs and see if you get different results.

-Bill Seil

Delft Spline Systems wrote:
> Vern Carter wrote:
> >>My question; Is there a way within these products or through some third
> >>party software to produce good STL files form ACAD NURBS surfaces, ACAD
> >>Designer Solids or PMESH 3D models?
> Kevin Robertson wrote:
> >The fact that your IGES out is not much better than STL is of concern. If
> >your IGES out is good you can use a second tier software like Brockware to
> >convert the IGES to STL. Brokware is a better conversion software than the
> >one in AutoCad, IMHO.
> 1.
> Note that the standard Autocad IGES export function is completely worthless.
> You have to buy a separate add on called the Autodesk IGES translator.
> This one should do better.
> 2.
> Brockware is reported to make correct IGES to STL conversions, however
> is is quite expensive (I remember ca USD 3,000.00)
> On the Web I saw a package called Cadmover from Kandusoft
> (, offering many more translation for USD 500
> Anyone having experiences with this software for IGES to STL ?
> Regards
> Lex Lennings.

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