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Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 21:24:43 EET

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>Work harder on the numbers. There's a size of part that you can run
>practicably in multiples per build that will put you in the $2 to $5 range.
>You're paying PEOPLE too much (common problem nowadays in the universities).
>Put altruism (the students) (someone dedicated to teaching'learning, not
>getting rich immediately) to work in their own behalf. You have the machine.
>Challenge the right persons with the right attitudes to get it going.

Any of you overpaid higher educators want to respond to this response?
Most faculty I know get paid about 55K or less for 16 hour days. Most
graduating engineers get offers close to what their professors earn.

All I am guilty of is wanting a system where I can give unlimited student
access without raising lab fees through the roof. Sure I can limit the
build size to 2x2x2 but how does that encourage students to seek real
world solutions?

Oh well..... I'll tell our NASCAR students they can only build a "Hot Wheels".


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