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From: Marina Hatsopoulos (
Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 22:51:51 EET

The following is a public response to your questions regarding the best
system for the university environment. The Z402 system by Z Corporation
offers the speed and reliability that this environment demands.

 Initial cost of systems: $59,000 (includes free installation, training and
warranty as well as WindowsTM-based software)
> Cost of build material:$200 per build volume (640; this includes
powder, binder, replacement heads, wax, replacement vacuum bags, etc.
> Average cost of Each model: Material cost is $25 per vertical inch of
part, regardless of how many parts or how big they are (as long as they fit
within the 8"x10"); eg, a large part of dimensions 8"x10"x1" costs $25 .
Machine use cost is VERY low on a per part basis as a result of our
incredible print speeds. At $5 per hour, you can figure about $5 per part,
depending on the size of the part.
> Speed of systems: About 2 vertical inches per hour. There is very little
speed penalty for packing parts in the x and y dimensions, for a give z height.
> Build time of each model" About 2 vertical inches per hour
> Yearly main cost: $6,000 includes hardware and software maintenance and
> Other associated costs: None!!! (well, okay, freight is extra...)
> Other comments: Our system is about 10-20 times faster than any other
system (depending on the part), allowing many more users (ie, students) to
print out many more parts.
Also, the because the loose powder acts as a support, there are no supports
required. This makes the software much faster and easier to use, and also
removes the need for support removal after the build is complete.

Marina Hatsopoulos
Z Corporation
Marina I. Hatsopoulos
President, Z Corporation
(617) 628-2781

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