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Date: Sat Feb 07 1998 - 00:03:35 EET

        This is a problem we face daily also. There are many students and
researchers who need to use RP facilities. We currently have the Genisys and
FDM 1650. We use Genisys rather mercilessly and so far we have either done it
for free or for a Senior Design class do it for a flat fee (such as lab fee
usually picked up by the Dean). So far Genisys has been a good workhorse and we
are very happy with it.

On Feb 6, 8:53am, Bradley C. Fox wrote:
> Subject: Re: desktop systems
> Elaine:
> What is it going to take to convince you that Actua 2100 is the perfect
> fit for University Lab and Classroom activity? ;) To answer your
> specific questions:
> *********************************************************************
> ********************************************************************
> > In order to justify RP for lab and classroom activities I would like >to
explore the following:
> >
> > Initial cost of systems:
> Actua is $65,000 COMPLETE. You do not need to buy installation,
> training, 1st yr maintenance and even material (Actua is shipped with
> over 30# of material). All this is included in the sale price.
> > Cost of build material:
> Material for the Actua is roughly $50.00 per pound - or specifically
> $2.84 per ounce. Look at a University running tons of parts per year -
> the savings over competing products is substantial.
> > Average cost of Each model:
> Depends on: 1) size 2)amnt of material and 3)whether you are running
> full trays of parts. I separate the costs into two main items: machine
> run time cost and material cost. Looking at avg use over a 5 yr period
> the machine use cost for Actua is about $5.00 per hr. Material cost of
> avg. part is say, $10 to $15. If you want an average of what I run in my
> office, about $30 per part. Emphasis on "Average."
> > Speed of systems:
> No doubt Zcorp is fastest in current offering - however part quality
> (and other reasons why to by Office Modeler) must be evaluated.
> Comparing Actua to Genisys - running one single part on the tray - they
> will be comparable. However, I do not know of a single installation of
> either machine that primarily runs one part at a time. Typically it will
> be multiple parts - or packed full trays. In this case, Actua is very,
> very fast when compared to Genisys. Benchmarkes I've heard/seen is that
> Actua could be up to 5X faster on full trays of parts.
> > Build time of each model"
> See discussion above.
> > Yearly main cost:
> Actua's first year maintenance cost is included in sale price. Each
> subsequent year is $7,500. This includes software (and some hardware)
> upgrades, all service related and also includes the print head. Remember
> that there are NO OTHER CONSUMABLES with Actua except the material (i.e.
> no tips, etc.). Over a 5 year life, those "others" add up.
> > Other associated costs:
> See last comment above.
> > Other comments:
> Another very important "metric" to examine when buying an office modeler
> is reliability. The machine must run completely unattended - and pump
> out the models day after day after day. This (I think) would be most
> important when looking at a University setting. IMHO nothing beats Actua
> here. It is the closest OM to a direct comparable to that laser printer
> in the corner of your office.
> Well, that's my input. Remember just like the "high-end" RP systems -
> there is no universally applicable system. You have to evaluate the
> parameters/qualities of each and make a decision. Office modelers the
> same - there are at least 6 main "metrics" to examine and you have to
> pick the one that meets the majority of them.
> Regards,
> Brad Fox
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>-- End of excerpt from Bradley C. Fox

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