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Date: Sat Feb 07 1998 - 01:00:41 EET

You are basically right, but the fact remains that there is a minimum of 100K seats of the stuff being used by companies who think that they can go directly to RP with little or no added expense. Simply not true!!!

At issue is how do we use what is already created?

Not what to use instead of XYZ software.

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I haven't been keeping up with AutoDesk products but:
I think the problem you are having with "Good" IGES files is:
        the creator
        the complexity of the geometry
        not using true SOLIDS

I was under the impression that AutoCAD creates wireframe based geometry
(like chicken wire). It is not a TRUE SOLID geometry representation,
they say its a solid but....

I've also heard that Mechanical Desktop latsest version works in solids.
I would create it in Mechanical Desktop, Pro-E, SolidWorks, or other
solids based programs and see if you get different results.

-Bill Seil

Delft Spline Systems wrote:
> Vern Carter wrote:
> >>My question; Is there a way within these products or through some third
> >>party software to produce good STL files form ACAD NURBS surfaces, ACAD
> >>Designer Solids or PMESH 3D models?
> Kevin Robertson wrote:
> >The fact that your IGES out is not much better than STL is of concern. If
> >your IGES out is good you can use a second tier software like Brockware to
> >convert the IGES to STL. Brokware is a better conversion software than the
> >one in AutoCad, IMHO.
> 1.
> Note that the standard Autocad IGES export function is completely worthless.
> You have to buy a separate add on called the Autodesk IGES translator.
> This one should do better.
> 2.
> Brockware is reported to make correct IGES to STL conversions, however
> is is quite expensive (I remember ca USD 3,000.00)
> On the Web I saw a package called Cadmover from Kandusoft
> (, offering many more translation for USD 500
> Anyone having experiences with this software for IGES to STL ?
> Regards
> Lex Lennings. << File: vcard.vcf >>

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