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Date: Mon Feb 09 1998 - 08:04:24 EET

Dear RP's

I have to thank you for your information concerning Laser mailing lists.
As Requested several times hers a summary of replies after the original
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Hy RP's

I'm in search of a mailing list which is dealing with Information and
questions regarding lasers. If anybody knows where to go or to look for
such kind of mailing list, i would be glad to get a message from him.
                Many thanks
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Heres a internet Adresse i've been directed to
This is a very good place for finding mailing lists. I found about three
differents, to which I subsrcibed. Any way there is not much traffic on
this lists. May be you try it by yourself.

This reference isn't a mailing list, but if you point your newsreader
to the group alt.lasers, you'll find a wealth of information
regarding lasers. There are some damn fine 'experts' who regularly
post to the group. Any questions you might have I'm sure will be


If you go to the SRI web site:

and look under the choices of topics, you will find lasers and laser
systems as one choice and optics as another choice. those links will tell
you which laser projects SRI (formerly the Stanford Research Institute) is
working on and what kind of equipment we have installed here.
You might also try Laser Kinetics, a consulting firm that specializes in
laser troubleshooting, at their web site:

Sign up for their free on-line, but somewhat irregular bulletin or contact
the president, Leonard Migliore:


with your specific questions.

If I can be of any further help with either of those two sources, please
let me know.

Auf wiederlesen

Brock Hinzmann
Technology Navigator
Business Intelligence Center
SRI Consulting

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