SLA5000 users

Date: Mon Feb 09 1998 - 16:26:27 EET

     Any SLA5000 users out there experiencing the same blade crash problems
     we have been?
     We are running 5195, using pretty much default settings. Some
     configurations seem to build fine but some keep causing blade crashes.
     We can not seem to pin it down to a specific geometry problem as yet
     but I have a few theories. 3D has adjusted our vacuum pressure on the
     zephyr blade, checked the blade gap, and told us to slow down the
     sweep speed. We have also increased the zwait, tried building with
     Auto Z correct turned off and re-orienting the parts. None of which
     has worked. I have also heard rumors of re-supporting the files using
     Brideworks instead of Vista but have not tried that yet.
     Has anyone had such problems? Is it build parameters? Recoating?
     Supports? etc.....
     Any ideas would be most appreciated.
     Jeff Bondy
     Howmet Corporation
     (616) 894-7762

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