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From: Bradley C. Fox (
Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 21:26:42 EET

Bradley Fox had wrote:
> > You have to evaluate the
> > parameters/qualities of each and make a decision. Office modelers the
> > same - there are at least 6 main "metrics" to examine and you have to
> > pick the one that meets the majority of them.
> >

Eric Weinberg wrote:
> Brad-
> Could you explain what a "metric" is?
> Eric Weinberg
> Morris Technologies
> Cincinnati, OH

I've used 'metric' as simply a defining quantity or quality - a means of
measuring something. In other words, Speed is a metric - you can measure
how fast the Actua is by submitting a job and timing it.

Other defining metrics can be 'ease of use' or 'user friendliness.'
While these sometimes can't be measured by a number or value, they still
help define the topic in question.

When evaluating Office Modeling systems, I use 6 main 'metrics:'
1) Cost i.e the equipment, operation, material, etc.
2) Speed
3) Material
4) Reliability
5) Ease of Use
6) Longevity of the technology i.e. will another technology obsolete the
given technology quickly - how 'upgradable' is it?

There are other 'metrics' but these are the ones I focus on.

Thanks for the chance to clearify.

Brad Fox

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