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From: John Male (
Date: Mon Feb 09 1998 - 18:02:14 EET


Build crashes can be caused by a number of different factors.
Unsupported features may be dragged up by the zephyr arm, so its worth
checking your supports carefully. Even relatively small overhangs can
give problems.
Another source of error may be that your predip delay is too small, so
that the resin isn't fully cured when the arm passes over the part, and
collects the resin as it is still in a gel state. This may also be due
to your laser power being lower than you expect due to a faulty laser
Partially uncured resin may also collect on the bottom of the zephyr
arm, so it can be good practice to wipe the bottom of the arm before
each build to make sure that it doesn't build up.
I hope this helps. I'd be interested to find out what caused it and how
you solved it.


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