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Date: Mon Feb 09 1998 - 20:57:03 EET

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Here at Promau we are used to convert from an IGES to a STL via Brock Rooney.
It's working fine on Autodesk IGES too.Please take care about exploding in
3d FACES etc. like Rooney suggested.
>From time to time we have to fix some untrimmed surface using ALIAS software.
In any case today we aren't receiving a lot of Autodesk files.

I hope this help


Promau Engineering
Mauro Orio.

>You are basically right, but the fact remains that there is a minimum of
100K seats of the stuff being used by companies who think that they can go
directly to RP with little or no added expense. Simply not true!!!
>At issue is how do we use what is already created?
>Not what to use instead of XYZ software.
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>I haven't been keeping up with AutoDesk products but:
>I think the problem you are having with "Good" IGES files is:
> the creator
> the complexity of the geometry
> not using true SOLIDS
>I was under the impression that AutoCAD creates wireframe based geometry
>(like chicken wire). It is not a TRUE SOLID geometry representation,
>they say its a solid but....
>I've also heard that Mechanical Desktop latsest version works in solids.
>I would create it in Mechanical Desktop, Pro-E, SolidWorks, or other
>solids based programs and see if you get different results.
>-Bill Seil

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