Fw: Salary Survey

From: Luther Yap (luther@massedi.com)
Date: Tue Feb 10 1998 - 14:57:22 EET

I'm taking a survey about salaries for RP employees:

Location: (ie. Northeastern US, Midwest Canada, etc.)

RP Manager: (salary, education, qualification, background)
RP Supervisor: (salary, education, qualification, background)
RP Operator: (salary, education, qualification, RP machine)
RP Post Processor: (salary, education, qualification, background)
RP CAD: (salary, education, qualification, CAD software)
RP Technician: (salary, education, qualification, background)
RP Specialist: (salary, education, qualification, background)

Please list any other titles given to RPers.
Try posting this again with this info.
The following are the updated posting February 6, 1998:

Location: n/a
RP Manager: ~85K, Post-grad. Aero, M. Eng., ~20 yr exp., Mech. Design fab & test
RP Supervisor: ~65K, BS M. Eng., ~10 yr exp., Mech. mfg., Technology
RP Operator: ~50K, Trade Sch., Apprentice Dwg. interp., Shop techniques
RP Post Processor: ~50K, Trade Sch., Apprentice Dwg. interp., Shop tech. 5 yr Modeling
RP CAD: ~55K, BSME Design Technology, Mfg. ,CATIA, Pro/E, SurfCam, etc.
RP Technician: ~53K, Assoc. Deg. Modeling design, Mock-ups, Breadboard, RP
RP Specialist: [same as Technician]

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