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Date: Tue Feb 10 1998 - 18:19:06 EET

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> Ingrid,
> At Chrysler (Detroit MI.), we start our build from a DOS prompt - vs -
> the menu. When a build is complete the laser does not shut off
> automatically. I believe that leaving the laser on if you have builds
> back to back, or within 24 hours of your last build, the laser life is
> prolonged. Our average laser life is ~7200+ hours with ~20 mW at the
> vat. When the laser power dips below 20 mW we replace the laser. I
> believe our own personal record for laser life was ~7690 hours with 13
> mW at the vat. As a side note we do a Cad re-melt every 500 to 600
> laser hours. If the laser power is below what we would consider the
> norm (laser hours - vs- mW ) then we will do 4 or 5 re-melts back to
> back to increase the laser power.
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Do you have a maintenance contract with 3D Systems? To fully use our
service contract, we usually swap our lasers out before they die or even
go as low as 20 mW. I am sure that many people do the same.


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