Date: Tue Feb 10 1998 - 20:50:32 EET

This Virus warning is a long standing HOAX. Please ignore the message and
DO NOT continue to forward this email. If you want more info, look here on 02/10/98 12:37:59 PM

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Subject: VIRUS NOTICE!!!!

> > This VIRUS NOTICE was received today, via UCLA >

> > If you receive an email titled "JOIN THE CREW" DO NOT open it. It
> > will erase everything on your hard drive. Forward this letter out
> to > as many people as you can. This is a new, very malicious virus
> and
> > not many people know about it. This information was announced
> > yesterday morning from IBM. Please share it with everyone that
> might > access the internet.
> >
> > Once again, pass this along to EVERYONE in you address book so that

> > this may be stopped.. Also DO NOT OPEN or EVEN look at mail that
> says > "RETURNED OR UNABLE TO DELIVER" This virus will attach itself

> to your > computer components and render them useless. Immediately
> delete any
> > mail items that say this. AOL has said that this is a very
> dangerous > virus and that there is NO remedy for it at this time.
> Please
> > forward this to all online friends
> >
> >
> >
> >
For more information about the rp-ml, see

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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