Date: Tue Feb 10 1998 - 21:41:59 EET

Sorry about the subject line, I couldn't resist.

I realize this isn't Pro/E-ML, but I bet that many of you have had to do

Does anyone here know of an easy way to get a scanned image (a logo) into
Pro/E as datum curves to make a cut. I've done it before using Pro's Scan
Tools, but I don't have a Scan Tools license anymore. I can get the image
in from Corel/Trace as a .dxf, but all the curves are approximated by
umpteen schmillion little line segments. Pro's utilities for tracing the
lines with splines and then deleting them seem limited. I have access to
ACAD 13 and Corel/Draw! as well as Pro/E(v16).



Brian VanHiel
Mechanical Engineer
Nordson Corp.
Duluth, GA

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