Re: Vapor Blast and Dupont Somos 7110 Epoxy Resin

Date: Tue Feb 10 1998 - 22:11:31 EET


We use a Vapor Blast unit called the "Dri-Fine Honing Model 2028 Sit'n Hone." For media we use ground glass which we acquire locally from a glass recycling company. The sieve size we prefer is 200 - 400 mesh. This seemed to be about as fine as we could go without clogging up the hopper. Recently though, we retofitted the unit with a vibrator and that improves the media flow very much. We haven't gotten around to re-trying a finer material, but I don't think we need to go any finer anyway.

Can't address your Somos question - we use Ciba 5170.

Jason Lichon
Yazaki North America
Canton, Michigan

>>> "Ingrid Timmel" <> 02/10 12:25 PM >>>
Two Questions:
         1: Anyone using a Vapor Blast for cleanup? Using plastic or glass
            beads? What grit?

         2: Does Somos 7110 clean up with isopropyl alcohol only? or do you
            to use TPM also?

Thank you,

Ingrid Timmel Fisher Price

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