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From: William G. Noack (bill@morristech.com)
Date: Wed Feb 11 1998 - 03:37:36 EET

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Miller, Michael W wrote:
> I'm going to try out Sibco's paper on our 2030. I had never heard of
> this alternate material option before yesterday. Any opinions (good and
> bad) or advice on this material would be welcome. Thanks,
> Michael W Miller (Mike.Miller3@PSS.Boeing.com)
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We also have a LOM 2030 and have tried LPH paper, LGF composite, and the
Sibco MRP. After testing everything, we are continuing to use LPH from
Helysis. The principal reason we were looking into MRP from Sibco was
for moisture resistance. For us, MRP was about the same price and about
the same to build with compared to the LPH. I did find that the MRP
tended to curl a bit more than the LPH and the bond seemed to me to be
weaker right out of the machine but seemed to strengthen as the block
cooled to room temperature.

I like Ali (I assume you are working with him) very well. If you are
new to LOM, he can probably help to advance your part building some with
a few pointers. If you're experienced (2 years of part building),
probably not (you've probably got most of it down by then). I would
not, however, just accept somone's claims. I would suggest that you
prove it to your self because sometimes, the facts can get distorted.

The main reasons we have elected not to switch to MRP is first off, it
did not perform well in our own humidity test. Two, LPH is easier to
build thinner walls because of the bond strength. Three, flat
horizontal surfaces (with MRP) are fuzzy when decubed and require more
work to finish to a nice level. We are not happy with LPH either,
rather we have come up with ways to work around it's short comings and
we believe that for our applications, it's the superior product. I'd
like to find out what you think of Sibco's paper after you try it out.
Will you send some email to me or to the list on your findings? I think
it is a reasonably good product but not for us. I don't have a huge
objection to making my thoughts known, but I think it's important for
people to find out for themselves if it will do what they want.

Morris Technologies

Bill Noack

For more information about the rp-ml, see http://ltk.hut.fi/rp-ml/

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