Absorb UV Light?

From: Miller, Michael W (Mike.Miller3@PSS.Boeing.com)
Date: Wed Feb 11 1998 - 01:58:39 EET

We are getting surface skinning (cured resin) in the right front corner
of our SLA500 near where the laser parks between layers. Our 3d
maintenance person believes it is caused by laser reflection off all the
resin spills on the cover plate. It has been suggested we dip the cover
into hot water to soften and then remove the spilled resin. An
alternate solution might be to paint? or apply some material in the area
that would absorb rather than reflect the UV. Any suggestions as to
what cheap and readily available material effectively absorbs UV?
Michael W Miller (Mike.Miller3@PSS.Boeing.com)
The Boeing Company MS 17-PE B-XT62
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