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Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 03:21:18 EET

At 09.59 10/02/98 -0800, Miller, Michael W wrote:
>I'm going to try out Sibco's paper on our 2030. I had never heard of
>this alternate material option before yesterday. Any opinions (good and
>bad) or advice on this material would be welcome. Thanks,
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>Dear Michael

>We have a LOM 1015 and we are trying Sibco's paper now.
I think it's more resistant than Helisys paper but it's more difficult to
manage the process building.
Precisely during the process the surface temperature of part must remain in
a particular window to optimize the sticking of different layers
or 122F-135F).
>So you must regulate the heater velocity accordingly and check the surface
temperature during the building process.

>I think that with LOM 2030 there are more problems but i don't know

Dear all,

In the Euromold97 I met a guy who sells the Kynergy machine developed in
Singapore. The guy said the model made of this system can stand up to 200
degrees celsius because they use the very special paper.
Is there anybody who knows well about this technology ?

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