Re: OpenDWG Alliance Formed to Make CAD Files Widely Accessible

From: Justin R. Kidder (
Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 01:24:51 EET

Huh, that's interesting. It looks like they got sick and tired of IGES
(which people have been complaining about for years anyway). I don't
think that DWG is any better, though, except for being more popular. Does
DWG have any of the manufacturing info that PDES/STEP was supposed to
have? That was *supposed* to be the logical successor to IGES, in my
understanding. Don't get me wrong, it may just turn out to be better than
IGES depending on how the "standard" is implemented and whether or not
everyone accepts it. I agree that there is a lot of legacy data out there
to back up the move. It just looks like a step sideways instead of a step

BTW, I wonder what Autodesk thinks about this...

just my 2 cents worth,


On Wed, 11 Feb 1998, Yakov Horenstein wrote:

> OpenDWG Alliance Formed to Make CAD Files Widely Accessible
> (PR Newswire; 02/10/98)
> CAD Vendors, Users Unite to Share Expertise on the DWG File Format
> SEATTLE, Feb. 10 /PRNewswire/ Today, 14 companies Baystate Technologies
> Inc., DATACAD LLC, Diehl Graphsoft Inc., Eagle Point Software Inc., IMSI,
> Informative Graphics Corp., Inso Corp. (Nasdaq: INSO), Intergraph Corp
> (Nasdaq: INGR)., Ketiv Technologies, Nemetschek AG, Parametric Technology
> Corporation (Nasdaq: PMTC), Robert McNeel & Associates, SolidWorks Corp.
> and Visio Corp. (Nasdaq: VSIO) together announced that they have formed the
> OpenDWG(TM) Alliance, an association of vendors and users committed to the
> promotion of Autodesk's DWG drawing file format as an open industry
> standard for the exchange of computer aided design (CAD) drawings. To
> advance widespread access to DWG data, the OpenDWG Alliance has also made
> publicly available the DWG software technology recently acquired by Visio
> from MarComp Inc.
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