FDM Quantum (TM) by Stratasys

From: Phil Malone (phil.malone@fp.co.nz)
Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 02:40:54 EET

I was very interested to read about this larger capacity FDM machine .
I have two components that need prototype building in ABS with sizes that suit such a Machine as the Quantum FDM .
( Dia 540 x 50mm thick ) . Can any one give me a contact name / number of a Service Center that has this new machine ,
that is if any have been sold yet ?

I am also interested in making investment cast cores and cavities ( for injection moulds ) using thick shell patterns made by FDM,
has any one tried this method and to what level of success .

PS the weather is fine and sunny here in New Zealand ( 28 Deg. C ) even the Sheep like it .

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