Re: Short run tooling...with FDM ABS models

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Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 11:14:06 EET

hi Mr Davis,

allow me to extend to my thanks to Mr Yakov and Mr Ebenhoch.

if you like to have the materials for such casting process...i have some in
slides format....i can maybe fax to tens of pages.

with regards to one of your question....the ABS models from all the line of
Stratasys systems such as FDM1600, FDM1650, FDM2000, FDM8000 and FDM
Quantum can be used. it is only different in the model buildup speed, tip
accuracy and model building size being used.

for example, in FDM2000 there is the latest T10 tip which can achieve
surface finish as good as SLA with very little sanding.

However I have used FDM, SLS & SGC in the past (about 3
years ago) so naturally still interested in all RP

three years ago, i bought a Compaq Presario model 520 486DX2 system...and
that was one of the cheapest best in the Compaq line.
BUT now, i cannot run Video CD software, i cannot run Internet Phone, i
cannot surf at 56K...i cannot....i cannot....but now i am using a better
system...a Sharp notebook which can perform all this better than the

if you happen to drop by in Singapore, we welcome you to visit us and take
a look at the LATEST FEATURES our systems can offer to you?
BENEFITS like more "empty" and light parts(more skin less meat building
method), QuickSlice enhanced parameters for building efficient models, thin
walls building, UPGRADING of systems to LATEST SYSTEMS etc.

joseph sim

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