Applications of Ceramics SFF

From: Rajeev Garg (rgarg@sut1661.Princeton.EDU)
Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 04:08:34 EET

Hello Everybody,
There are quite of few people working on developing Rapid Prototyping
techniques for ceramics processing. I have been working on
Stereolithography. Similarly LOM, 3D printing, FDM can now be used for
ceramics processing.

My querry is regards to the potential application of these technologies. I
would like to know any good pointers or references or personal opinions
regarding the applications for ceramic SFF processing. What industries
would that applications be targeted towards. I am writing the introduction
section of my Phd thesis and would like to describe the motivation for the

Thanx in advance,

Rajeev Garg

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