IC tooling with FDM

From: dusel (dusel@ikp2.uni-stuttgart.de)
Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 18:47:10 EET

> I am also interested in making investment cast cores and cavities ( for injection moulds ) using thick shell patterns made by FDM,
> has any one tried this method and to what level of success .

we did this once at IKP. However, it is no problem to burn out the ABS.
We used a 3mm thick shell due to the long building time of the FDM
machine and for casting reasons. The ABS parts were quite accurate, but
the problem is the resolution of detailed sections like slots or pins.
Further it is difficult to get really sharp edges. Depending on your
geometry you will have much effort to finish the parts to get a good
surface and avoid undercuts.
Karl-Heinz Dusel

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