Re: OpenDWG Alliance Formed to Make CAD Files Widely Accessible

Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 15:10:34 EET

Yes! I agree with Justin.

And there is some more. Do you folk remember OLE for Design and Modeling
 - an Intergraph initiative. This OLE was meant to be an transparent
exchange - transporting
 vehicle for graphics data between various CAD and other graphics related

I'm really surprised about this OpenDWG stuff. Maybe this is an " let's go
beat Autodesk on his
own farmyard" story.

Dorjano Baruca

>Huh, that's interesting. It looks like they got sick and tired of IGES
>(which people have been complaining about for years anyway). I don't
>think that DWG is any better, though, except for being more popular. Does
>DWG have any of the manufacturing info that PDES/STEP was supposed to
>have? That was *supposed* to be the logical successor to IGES, in my
>understanding. Don't get me wrong, it may just turn out to be better than
>IGES depending on how the "standard" is implemented and whether or not
>everyone accepts it. I agree that there is a lot of legacy data out there
>to back up the move. It just looks like a step sideways instead of a step
>BTW, I wonder what Autodesk thinks about this...
>just my 2 cents worth,

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