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I would like to clarify a couple of issues in reference to the MRP paper.

MRP: Moisture Resistant Paper, which does not mean that this paper will repel
moisture 100%, specially at Relative humidity conditions above 80%.

When we say it is moisture resistant, we mean specifically that at 80%
relative humidity with a part uncoated for approximately 24 hours, the average
part growth is 0.4% in the Z direction compared to a growth of 3.0% for
standard LPH paper. However, we do suggest that each operator do their own
investigation and data acquisition.

For example, one LOM user tested the moisture resistance of the paper by
placing an uncoated MRP LOM part next to a humidifier, and after placing a
carton box with a small opening on both the part and the humidifier for 24
hours concluded that moisture penetrated the part severely.

Please note that the strength of lamination depends on heat roller temperature
and cooling time of the block during the cutting cycle. For the MRP, the
surface temperature of the block can be as Low as 110 F and as high as 140 F
and still achieve 100% lamination. Some users have tried the MRP material a
while back and the range of lamination was an issue, however, we were able to
resolve the problem in the last six months based on customer feedback by
increasing the adhesive activation tepmerature and thereby increasing the
range of lamination to 30 F.

Please feel to call me or e-mail me if you have any questions in regards to
the MRP paper, and we look forward to presenting the LOM composite in the near


Sales Manager

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