RE: Open DWG Alliance

From: Cota, Vesna (
Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 21:44:14 EET

CAD: Mechanical Desktop 2.0 (kernel Acis 3.0)

IGES: yes

STL: yes
        (The STL output from Mechanical Desktop 2.0 is great - says our RP
service bureau).

STEP: yes qtr 1 1998 (?**)

** I am testing it right now.
ProE models import very well, including complex freeform objects.
Autodesk STEP translator was announced to be released soon after
Mechanical Desktop 2.0 starts shipping ( which happened end of December


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>From: Andrzejewski, Jan[]
>Sent: Thursday, February 12, 1998 12:56 PM
>To: rpml
>Subject: Open DWG Alliance
>I notice one important company is not included in the alliance, Autodesk
>It was not long ago that an attempt to make DXF an international standard
>but Autodesk rejected to loose their independence to change DXF for their
>own benefit.
>What's to stop them changing the DWG format with their next RADICAL version
>of Autocad, with wonderful enhancements except of course a STEP compliant
>data exchange interface or will they?
>STEP data translation will focus on the limitations of the CAD packages that
>are wanting to talk to each other ( ie single precision and double
>precision, low polynomial surfaces and high polynomial surfaces, process
>tolerances etc. ) so the trend so far is that CAD packages with very good
>are developing STEP translators or even having a STEP compliant data base
>and the cheap and cheerful packages are wanting something else. (bless em)
>Could Autodesk users out there tell me when their software service
>providers intend to develop a STEP export option.
>It would help us with one of our projects if ALL CAD users out their in
>RP-ML land could let me know when they intend to have STEP part 42
>geometric and topological representation export capabilities.
>a simple reply like the one below for what is available now and ( when it
>may be )
>Cad ? IGES yes STEP part 42 no ( yes qtr 3 1999 ) STL yes
>summary of responses WILL be posted not like some user ( That'll be the
>...'Some Car Company' )
>The CAD vendors we use are committed to native STEP database implementation
>and our goal is to utilise topologically correct and validated CAD geometry
>in native STEP format together with a direct adaptive slicing algorithm to a
>metal RM machine.
>Jan Andrzejewski
>RP Operations Manager
>For more information about the rp-ml, see

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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