February 1998 in the Rapid Prototyping Report

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February 1998 in the Rapid Prototyping Report

**Stratasys pushes fused deposition modeling to a new level with the
introduction of the FDM Quantum. We take a first look at the Quantum and
its new features.

**1998 Rapid Prototyping Directory -- This annual directory is free to
subscribers of the Rapid Prototyping Report. Each year we look at the
companies listed, and try to discover trends in the industry. This year,
the directory lists 331 rapid prototyping service bureaus, 27 rapid
prototyping equipment manufacturers, 12 materials suppliers, 14 companies
that supply software products for rapid prototyping, 23 rapid prototyping
consultants, 51 educational and research institutions, and 27 foundries
that work with patterns produced by rapid prototyping. There are also
sections for laser suppliers, makers of vacuum-casting machines, and other
companies that offer services or products related to rapid prototyping.

**3D announces new resin for SLA-350s, and SLA-3500s -- Cibatool SL-5510.

**MCP offers low-melting-point alloy system for backing hollow-shell
injection molds.

**The Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium issues a first call for

**Business news
            .Softimage, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft,
announces a strategic agreement to license modeling technology from

**Calendar of events
            National Design Engineering Show
            Association of Professional Model Makers Regional Event --
Austin, Texas
           .SME Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing '98

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