DNC (File Serving) Software For FDM Machine

From: DNeifer@amway.com
Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 20:41:31 EET

      We have a Stratasys FDM-2000 that we'd like to automatically
     serve multiple processed (.sml) files to (in a queue not
     concurrently). Is anyone else doing this? If so, then what
     software are you using for file serving? If I remember correctly,
     Stratasys was using DNC software called "Predator" back in their
     plant (to serve multiple machines).

      Here's some of what we're ultimately trying to achieve:
     1.) The ability to queue more than a single file at a time and
         not have to manually send files as their predecessor is

     2.) Get dynamic feedback as to how complete the current file is
         (i.e. bytes to go, bytes processed, time until completion,

     3.) Completion notification via internal e-mail, paging, etc.
     4.) Have the file serving software automatically monitor
         specified drives/paths and initiate files that reside in
         those particular locations (then move them to an archival

     5.) Etc.

      This isn't a case where we need to serve to multiple machines
     (just one). I'm running QuickSlice on a remote WinNT workstation
     and saving the files to a drive that's mapped as a network drive
     on a Win95 PC which acts as the controller and trickle feeds (via
     the RS-232 cable) the machine (which is on another side of the
     building). It'd be nice to be able to check file status, queue
     buildup, etc. from my remote location.
      I'll compile and post responses if I get any worthwhile feedback
     from list members. Please provide as much info. as possible (i.e.
     name of software, cost, OS compatibility, etc.).

     Dustin Neifer
     Amway Corp. (Yeah, that Amway)
     Water Treatment R & D
     Ada, MI

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