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Date: Sat Feb 14 1998 - 09:41:03 EET

Dear Group,

We are a company specialized in producing high detailed 1/43 scale models of
Formula One cars. We have agreements with most of the teams that sometimes
ask me larger models than our standard. Actually I have been asked for
models in 1/8 scale and I hope that somebody could help me to solve the
problem. The model will be about 500 mm long.

Firstly I thought to a milling machine to produce the body but now I am
convinced that stereolitograph (maybe DTM) would be okay.

We will do ourselves the metal casting for suspensions, steering wheels,
mirrors and all the details but the problem will be duplicating the master
in resin.

Some teams want 20 or 30 models but others are ordering more than 100
replica of their car.

Would somebody able to suggest me a method and a company that will be in the
position to offer a special assistance in this project. Please consider that
Formula One is full of money but they don't like to spend it. It means that
the cost of the mould and the copies must be into reasonable costs.

Thank you in advance for suggestions and assistance.


Luca Tameo
Managing Director
Tameo Kits Engineering
Via Nazario Sauro, 152

Tel. ++3919 - 617.484
Fax. ++3919 - 616.621

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