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Date: Mon Feb 16 1998 - 17:13:58 EET

Right On Terry!

At 06:28 PM 2/13/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Mike Pratt wrote:
>> At the next meeting of the STEP development community ISO TC184/SC4,
>> 7 - 12 June '98 in Bad Aibling (near Munich), Germany, there will be
>> an initial meeting of an RP Interest Group that will probably decide
>> to include RP as a new product life-cycle phase within STEP, make
>> recommendations for the use of existing STEP APs for RP and develop
>> appropriate new resources for the future. The impetus for this is
>> coming from Canada, Japan and the USA.
>This makes **really** good sense. There have been discussions over the
>years, even in recent months, to develop a replacement or alternative to
>STL. Getting CAD developers to support yet another output format would
>take more blood and sweat than most of us care to shed. Why not 1) carry
>"STL data" within the STEP file (as Mike said, STEP AP203 already contains
>a faceted boundary representation), 2) ask the RP system manufacturers to
>support STEP, and 3) let the user decide whether to use STL data or precise
>math surface data (which STEP also carries) when building an RP model?
>What could be easier and more flexible?
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