fdm in the midwest

From: Todd Reese (todd.reese@carpediem.com)
Date: Tue Feb 17 1998 - 15:00:25 EET


our fdm machine is currently in transit from one of our sites to
another. we're not expecting it to be operational again for some time.
is there anyone (preferably midwest) who'd be interested in building
some abs models for me? if you have the capabilty to do this please
reply to the e-mail address below and i can forward you the stl files.


Todd Reese                                      Compression, Inc.
todd.reese@carpediem.com                        7752 Moller Road
Ph: (317) 228-2200                              Indianapolis, IN  46268
Fax: (317) 228-2201                             www.carpediem.com

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