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Date: Tue Feb 17 1998 - 18:08:11 EET

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>Dear list,
>Does anyone have experience with scanning inlet ports of a engine
>cylinderhead to get good CAD surface datas?

Without being too much of a plug for our product....

This is a process we have proven through many of our users.
The image
shows the scan of an engine port core stick (from a flow-box) scanned &
surfaced and exported to Unigraphics. Since it is the core for the inlet
port, we only need to scan the external surfaces. This scanning can be
performed by any number of 3D scanners out there. We have done similar work
with CGI data when we want to obtain internal geometry of complex shapes.

We have also exported surfaced models into CATIA, ProE and SDRC as CAD solid
models, as well as converted them into polygonal solid models(STL, VRML).

For further information on the complete software and process, contact

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