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Date: Wed Feb 18 1998 - 13:11:09 EET

     I sent this once, but received an error message.
     CGI has a destructive, but very accurate system of scanning.
     They slice layers & scan each one to get a data base.
     If you can live with destroying the 1st piece, I believe this is best
     Call Gary Jones
     612 937 2005
     7665 Commerce Way
     Eden Prairie, Mn 55344

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Subject: Re: 3D scanning
Author: Jim Rollins <> at INET
Date: 2/17/98 4:40 PM

The answer to your question is yes. We have scanned many engine parts
using X-RAY CT. This will capture the internal as well as the external
and also the voxel information that can be used for stress analysis. All
of this can be accomplished on our scanners. If you have any questions,
ask Dieter Steinhauser there at Porschestrasse. I have his # if you
need it. Send me some information about your project so I can let you
examine some similar results.
PS Don't forget about the Scanning Seminar that SME is putting on in
Dearborn, MI on April 1-2, 1998. There is going to be a lot of
questions answered of how CAD meets SCAN.
Jim Rollins
Scientific Measurement Systems
2210 Denton Dr. Suite 106
Austin, TX 78758
512-837-9082 fax
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