Re: surface from cloud data

From: John Beilman (
Date: Wed Feb 18 1998 - 14:53:23 EET

     Yes, it is possible to create surfaces from point cloud data from UG &
     Pro/E. It can be done with both packages.
      Inside UG V13 you go to the Create Free Form Feature Menu and choose
     From Point Cloud Data. Then set U and V degree and # of patches
     (defaults work fine). Next, specify the correct WCS orientation.
     Select the reference points that seem to form the logical surface. UG
     will do the rest.
      I don't have a seat of Pro/E in front of me, but have created
     surfaces succesfully using it.
     John Beilman
     Product Development Engineer
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Subject: surface from cloud data
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Date: 2/18/98 1:51 PM

 Is it possible to create a surface from a cloud data in ProE or UG?
 If yes, kindly elaborate.
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