surfaces from point cloud.

Date: Wed Feb 18 1998 - 18:11:14 EET

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Please refer to your above query. We are pleased to enclose some details for your kind references
far as creating surfaces from point cloud is concerned in any of the CAD packages like
Pro/Engg,UG,SDRC is concerned it is very time consuming and inaccurate method. Even if some CAD
vendors claim to have functionality but actually their are lot of Limitation in terms of no of
Point, Ease of Use and Ease of Manipulation.

We at Imageware have been extremely successful in addressing the above requirement. Today we have
over 1000 customer using our software for Reverse Engg, Rapid Prototyping and Verification

Imageware is a software solutions company focused at solving problems in product design ,tool & die
manufacturing applications. We have been in the industry for three years with our software
products and consulting services, with great emphasis on automotive, aerospace, turbines related
tooling. The primary focus has been in reverse engineering of part and tool design and the quality
assurance of tools.

For reverse engineering applications, typically our users will take Coordinate Measurement Machine
(CMM) data or dense non-contact measurment data in the form of X,Y,Z points and bring in to our 3
dimensional surface generation engine, Surfacer. This data is converted rapidly in to accurate and
smooth surfaces to be taken in to down stream CAM or CAD/CAE software. The significant advantage
of using Surfacer is the ability to keep excellent accuracy to the original point data, ease of use
and the power of modifying geometry dynamically to keep account of spring back for sheet metal,
shrinkage/warping for plastics, castings and forgings.

For quality assurance applications, after CAD data has been machined in to a tool or a
prototype/final part has been produced, point cloud data can be collected and compared with the
original CAD drawings using the Verdict software. By using 3D color maps, you can visualize very
quickly and cleary all the faults in your tool or areas which have been purposely changed and need
to be updated in the electronic data base. These can be communicated to management, suppliers or
customers electronically using Viewer.

Imageware also provides unique solution for CAD geometry repair and RPT solution.

Imageware is a young and dynamic company that is growing rapidly. We have over 1000 customer sites
and about 100 employees. With over 15 offices worldwide, we have just expanded our operations to
cover India. I can be reached at 98111-57515. I can also be reached by email:
If you have a chance please visit us at for complete information about our
company and solutions.

We are keen to work with you and would like to discuss the matter in detail.
PHONE 91-129-260538
CELL NO 9811157515

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