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Date: Thu Feb 19 1998 - 14:35:14 EET

yes, it is possible to work with UG or ProE for the point data.....but we
must face the basic facts.....these are CAD software developed for Forward

you start with nothing except the coordinate axis.....and you build models
from solids...surfaces....curves.

hence, the memory structure as designed in the programs cater only for such

in Reverse Engineering, we must look at different way of representing these
datas. in IST we have worked with point data amounting to millions.....and
we have seen with witness(although we are Imageware distributor in
Singapore...we vouch for what we claim)...ProE crashed on creating a simple
closed curve by fitting just a few hundred points.

no doubt ProE and UG are good designing tools but if you try to use
programming techniques for Forward Engineering to work with Reverse
Engineered point will not work....Truthfully.

try reverse your car and speed up to 70km/h......not only the police will
get you.....your car will have burnt out.....just because there are no such
gears to handle such conditions. ProE and UG are cars-makers that makes
cars with gear 1 to 5 plus 1 Reverse gear.....they don't make cars with
gear 1 to 5 and revser gears from 1 to they???

give Imageware(they only make cars with all the gears 1 to 5 reverse) a will not regret it.....if you like some response....i can give
you some of our customers feedbacks.

joseph sim

people from ProE and UG pls don't mind....i am speaking the truth. The
Truth is Out There...Don't Hide It!!!

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